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Who is SecureQuip

SecureQuip Systems Ltd. is a leading provider of embedded positioning and wireless communication solutions for consumers, commercial and automotive markets. With over 20 years’ experience in radio frequency, risk management, wireless platforms, shrinkage and fraud, we’re a leading solution provider for counter measures, covert surveillance, location based services and tracking solutions. Our open approach allows for unique applications with best-in-class technology and expertise to ensure a robust and reliable solution.

SecureQuip has been providing Canadian and US customers with effective Stolen Asset Recovery since 2002. 
We have installed Theft Recovery and Fleet Efficiency Systems in all kinds of Vehicles Heavy Equipment and Machinery. We are happy to announce that our new product SecureQuip SVR can now be installed on assets without a power source, making it possible to track containers, trailers and machinery. 

SecureQuip has a staff of full time installers and trackers, providing quick implementation of tracking hardware on your Heavy Equipment and other Assets. We provide install service at your location with minimal equipment downtime. Our Trackers are on call 24/7, in the event that any of your assets are stolen, our team springs into action quickly to facilitate a quick recovery reducing downtime to a minimum. 
Our experienced Tracking Team has been instrumental in the recovery of countless assets, and will always go the extra mile to locate your asset.